Help us eliminate child hunger in Kelowna with a monthly commitment of just $35. All monies raised through the No Hungry Children campaign will be used to support and grow the Kelowna Food Bank's three children's programs:

Tiny Bundles

The Tiny Bundles program specifically supports pregnant mothers and families with babies under the age of one. In addition to regular monthly hampers, Tiny Bundle participants also receive weekly nutritional support including milk and eggs for pregnant and/or nursing mothers; fresh fruits and vegetables; as well as other nutritional supplements and baby supplies including diapers, baby cereal, baby formula and baby food. Mothers also receive a one-time layette, containing new baby items, when the baby is born.

Vitality Program

The Vitality program ensures that the essential nutrients (as outlined in the Canada Food Guide) are provided to low income/high risk families and will primarily target families that have children under the age of 15, however, this program also encompasses the older population (55+) that are in need of supplementary nutrients.

Kids' Snack Pack

This program provides school aged children with a one week supply of ready to eat, nutritious (age appropriate) snacks to take to day care or school. These snack packs include; fresh fruit, fruit cups, cello packaged fresh produce, 100% fruit juice boxes, and healthy granola bars.

Funds generated through the No Hungry Children campaign will help us the Kelowna Food Bank to provide and grow these programs, as well as launch other programs targeted towards school aged children.